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Prepper Finance Economics Cash Money
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Preppers Survivalists NDITC How To Become A Millionaire, Most people want to improve their life and prosperity. Most people simply wait for the world of opportunity to discover them which never happens. Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible. Changing your life and the drudgery of life will always start with you but you were taught very different. Over 97% of humans on earth have a strange relationship with life which has become normal. If you would enjoy being powerful you must learn the atomic secrets of your creator. This training, development and performance education is not about Adam and Eve it's about you and the atomic seeds planted deep inside you.

How To Become A Millionaire, Most people want to improve their life and prosperity.  Most people simply wait for the world of opportunity to discover them which never happens.  Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible. Changing your life and the drudgery of life will always start with you but you were taught very different. Over 97% of humans on earth have a strange relationship with life which has become normal.  If you would enjoy being powerful you must learn the atomic secrets of your creator.  This training, development and performance education is not about Adam and Eve it's about you and the atomic seeds planted deep inside you.

The Smarter People Consulting Group breaks the alters of wait and see management, trial and error techniques, cut and fit plans, programs and guides and creates the solid knowledge foundations required for personal and professional success.  We teach and coach people about the brainstorms happening inside every human being and how to tap into the exotic and strange things that truly drive and motivate every human being.

Since 1976 these guaranteed dog-eared volumes of confirmed and demonstrated knowledge has been condensed and concentrated into easy to learn and painless application principles and techniques that are guaranteed to work.

The Smarter People Consulting Group destroys the temples of big education and removes the murky shrines of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Princeton that  allows you to gain the pieces of solid nuggets of pure knowledge that is not generally taught anywhere.  Higher education gives only a glimpse into the real human workings so they can remain powerful.  We understand that knowledge is power and money and it makes little sense for the people "in the know" to allow "the regular people" understanding about the absolute secrets of science and mother nature.

The Smarter People Consulting Group takes you back in time to forget some of your knowledge and then we insert the pieces of pure knowledge (truth) that will change everything in your life.  These truth's are the secrets that have been implanted in every human being.  At some atomic level all humans have the exact same operating design and systems in place.  These atomic level human secrets are found inside every human being in Beverly Hills and in Mexico city.  They are guaranteed to amaze you and when properly taught and used they create great fortunes and enterprises.

This pure knowledge (truth) will change you first and then change everything around you and in most cases this can be accomplished in ninety days or less.  You have been treated like a zoo animal since the moment of your birth.  It doesn't mean that your parents don't love you or the nurse that handed you to your mother didn't think your were adorable.  It does not mean that you were born a failure and doomed to a serf's life but it does mean that your ignorance is a super-powerful diet of false information that you are being fed daily.  Most teachers, parents, coaches and other instructors never realize they are filling you with bogus knowledge because they can only teach you what they know. 

Your brain chest of information (tool box) that you carry around in your brain is housing tiny little idols of lies (dishonesty) that will destroy you and your prosperity.

If you can consider knowledge the food and knowledge the fuel of your future you can quickly see that you can only become what you think about.  The Metropolis of Capitalism which includes your tiny corner of poverty or prosperity is controlled by Big business, Big government, Big education,  Big media, Big labor and Big global players which means they have your progress blocked.

You have been taught like all human beings to seek out the sheepskin of knowledge so you can carry the swords and rifles of business management into the free market battle.  You now know that Big education is little more than Big business and Big government combined as these two spiders spin their webs.  It's impossible for you to learn something if this "something" is never taught.

The Smarter People Consulting Group has been the soap taster for decades and we publish our findings and teach what we have discovered.  The amazing secrets and facts about you and how all human beings think and struggle is truly the pot of gold that can make you rich and famous but, it's bigger than you know.  

Imagine yourself swaggering into business management with other business warriors with fox-skin hats, knee-length leather boots and your own sheepskin cloak all looking the same.  If you watch and really look at people in large groups on Wall-Street or maybe in your own office you'll notice that people dress alike and talk alike but most importantly they act alike.  You'll have that one human than operates as C.E.O. or the Executive in charge but all the others seems to be acting and doing the same things day in and day out.  People have been given the wrong knowledge food for hundreds of years not by a villain but by their teachers, friends, supervisors and even their churches because teachers only teach what they know.

Your education drives your entire life and you should imagine the knowledge you hold as trillions of atoms bouncing around inside your brain saying yes, no or maybe to questions about life, food, sex, breathing, fear, danger and another few thousand things you decide without deciding.

This is very important to your future.

You decide things without deciding.

You make a decision without making up your mind.

You choose without making a choice and every human does the same thing.

This selection process is made deep inside your mind because your creator has implanted the abundance or ranges of experiences that have been programmed inside you.  Your catalog of evolutionary experiences is the base program that you have running at his very moment.  You really have no control over the process until such time that you recognize that you have a excellent natural program agenda that will decide everything, if you let it.

You also have teeth marks you carry from the experiences of real life business confrontation and your chest may be heavy with ribbons dangling and certificates fastened to your office walls but we all know that every soldier's day can come to a very abrupt end.

You have historical experiences (evolutionary) imbedded inside your mind and your own experiences are layered over your natural instructions.  Most of the things that a human being decides during a day to day life is predetermined by nature.

You're sure that your education printed on sheepskin and the ornaments of your success will keep your prosperity and fortune safe from any harm but now you know your precious success and future has no guarantee.  The Big People have franchised this natural code of human beings and natural human behavior  for their own better living and their goal is to keep you in sleepy time so they can control you.  Sounds like the knowledge food you have taken in your entire life is also a poison from a cult of Big people. 

If you can imagine the human population as one giant safari you can see that billions of people are lined up with only a few thousand leading the masses.  Are the leaders of the safari of humans smarter or do they just know things you don't know? 

Why is it that you're a porter on the safari of life and not leading the pack?  How did you become the janitor of the bathrooms at work and not the owner of the building?  Why are you the cook and not the chef that moved beyond the fried food diet? 

As with any treasure it will always be guarded.  It only makes sense that people that have the treasure map has no intentions of giving you a copy.  People, in general terms, very rarely share or distribute their wealth unless they are forced.  The Big people or Rich people portion out their wealth through forced taxes but mostly wealth is allocated through trade and commerce.

The Smarter People Consulting Group understands that one company "Big people" may have a thousand servants.  The Big people and "Little you" game is how a great chef remains behind the hot grill for low wages.  You have been assigned your life as a result of your lack of knowledge.  The Smarter People Consulting Group helps you break out of your assignment and get rid of the dangerous medicines of false thoughts running your daily life and prosperity.

We have a roadmap for you that will teach you how to safeguard your future prosperity.  As a business owner or a business manager you know that each prospect and customer puts another precious stone in your charm box but in the last few years of battle there's more space for success because you're not winning all the time and the big foreheads tell you to do something but the bullets still fly and the evil spirits of the balance sheet haunt you at night.
Your competitors now wear heavy breast plates and they keep charging into your space and they keep winning away the customers and their precious stones of success.

Over the last few years you have started to worry about your golden rings and necklaces and you've sold things to keep fighting and hoping for better times and fortunes.

You have found that these nomad competitors arrive out of thin air (internet) and you're never really sure if they're there or not but,  one thing for sure is that sales are harder to make, profits harder to keep and you're not part of the gold rush.

There must be a solution and it is found in rich knowledge the true ornaments of success and prosperity.  There is no train, plane or boat service to your prosperity but there is a proven path and The Smarter People Consulting Group will lay out the simple steps you must take.

This pure knowledge (truth) comes in many sizes some so tiny you learned them before you could speak your name.  Some knowledge the size of a walnut you learned by the time you were thirteen years old.   Life has forced you to forget what you already knew and the wearisome weeks and years of drudgery has washed away the path that was so clear to you when you were younger.

The Smarter People Consulting Group perhaps is the way to save your business, keep your home or salt away enough money to rescue a marriage or salvage your life-style and revive your wealth and prosperity.

You have always done business on the surface level but obviously about three percent of the people on earth know the better way and their sizable bankroll proves the point.

You must invest in the project of you.  You will have to saddle up the pony and take the journey back in time and forget some things you were taught and spend many weeks riding inside this new medium of (truth) knowledge.  This will be a very profitable venture for you, your family, your friends and all the people you know today and tomorrow.   All you must do is say yes and saddle up for the journey.

You're going to enter the forbidden land of pure (truth) knowledge that others will never teach you.  You will start out as a foreigner that crosses some border that you didn't even know existed.  We will remove the contamination of your education and for the first time everything will start to make sense.  This is not merely the knowledge of crosses (nature-church-god-creation) but is a journey through (nurture-traits-evolution-science) that can be physically and mentally forbidding and is guaranteed to change your life.

Literally within our religious country much of this pure (truth) knowledge cannot be taught because these (truths) control the world.  Your present day of materialism is removed as your cross more borders of knowledge that other people don't want you know.  The knowledge contamination that you live with today was implanted by well meaning parents, teachers, coaches, instructors, friends and even the strangers that can only teach you what they think they know.

Located deep inside every man and woman there is a very special truth that lives inside each of us from Hollywood to the Himalayas and within this little space there grows the fuel of your own greatness and success. 

Most people are discouraged and their life has become so hazardous that they give up and simply die like pack-animals used to carry the wealth of other people.

The super successful people on planet earth understand this special area of pure (truth) knowledge but they also make sure that this knowledge is sparsely populated within other human beings.  The brilliant minds know about pure (truth) knowledge but they also understand the awful and enhanced evil that can be unlocked upon the entire world.

Since 1976 the founder and author of The Smarter People Consulting Group knows about the windswept earth of poverty and starvation.  He understands about financial collapse and food shortages and jobs not too plentiful.  He empathizes with the discouraged forced into SNAP food stamps and welfare programs.  He values the man or woman that cannot find a job and suffers through unemployment or the lesser income of under-employment. 

The founder and author knows about the millions of good men and women treated like pack-animals and left on the trail to die or wander away.  He knows that people are hurting and their supplies can only last a few months.  He has taken in the mountain passes that are full of danger but he also understands that the heart of man cannot be put down and like a trip-hammer this pure (truth) knowledge can change everything.

He promises never to leave you gasping for breath like that of a drowning man and he will show you how to remove the bandits that surround you.

There are canyons to be crossed but do not be afraid because it's the mental journey where the air is pure and the pure (truth) knowledge will leave you breathless but of joy and happiness and prosperity can enter your life from the central point inside you.

You will meet many strangers during your learning and at the same time this lonely trail becomes populated with new friends and the hello's of strangers that want and need to become your friends.  You can sling your past off your back and those sudden attacks of fear become fewer and then one day they're gone forever.

You can place your hands across you lap because all the fear will be removed and people will be ready to learn from you as you become the teacher.
The bloodthirsty business world becomes easy to understand and with one hand you teach and with the other hand you help people through better products and services and the robbery will stop and the boxing with competitors is removed.

All your restlessness and the monotony of the fear that lives inside you becomes action and the pieces of your life and business start to engage and flocks of people find you and your products and prosperity is upon you.  Your friends and associates stop being sheep that must be herded because you will set them free and discourage the Tommy-gun of big box retailers, global giants, supply chain manipulations and transform them into better people that trust you and your products.

Practically every river washes sand that contains just the right amount of gold for the miner.  Become a miner of knowledge because it will be taught to you.

You know the world is crude and not all roads lead to prosperity.  You will have the time of your life converting this pure (truth) knowledge into available wealth and prosperity and you will be one of the fortunate teachers that live in peace and quiet.

If you're ready for delightful months of learning and years of prosperity there is glittering pure (truth) knowledge waiting for you.  The superstructure that your life was built upon with massive stones of dishonesty, deceit and lying may seem impressive but these grotesque gargoyles are killing you.

The most amazing thing about The Smarter People Consulting Group is that we teach you things you already know but you have everything in the wrong order.   There are thousands of tiny lamps burning to help show you the way and we can help you wish but it's you that must walk into forbidden pure (truth) knowledge.

Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible.

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