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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Start Your Inkjet and Laser Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridge Refilling Business, Without Refilling Machines or Fees NDITC

Everything is drop-shipped for you.  You have no merchandise to carry and you won't need to tie up any of your cash money.  This complete and ready to go inkjet and toner printer copier fax cash register cartridge business is just perfect for the beginner in business.
John was very pleased with the inkjet and toner cartridge business because it could be run right out of his home office and he already owned most everything he needed.  John reasoned that the inkjet and toner cartridge refill refilling business was a fantastic money maker because he had done his own local research as recommended by the business plan makers.
The plan stated that you could start your own home based inkjet and toner printer copier fax and cash register cartridge business and with a very minimum amount of cash start earning money.  In fact, one of the plans offered was only $39.95 and it was on sale for only twenty five bucks. 
The plans were designed so that the average guy or gal could start small in their spare time (part-time) and allow the profitable business to mushroom into something much larger (full-time) and even more profitable.  John learned about all five small business inkjet and toner cartridge plans and decided on one of the larger plans.  John decided he wanted to start his cartridge business and truly wanted to cash in on this fabulous inkjet and toner cartridge business.  John knew he was a new comer in business but the plans were well respected and the free sample plan already helped him learn and earn at the same time.
John found out that the old-fashioned mail order business wasn't dead at all but it had changed forms.  The internet allowed the old fashioned mail order business to gain new ground and make millionaires every day.  He had noticed that very few catalogs are received by U.S. Mail any longer because that distribution had been taken over by the internet.  There was no SEARS catalog and there wasn't going to be one next year.
Like so many other beginners within the inkjet and toner cartridge business he was enterprising but didn't have a lot of cash money to start his business.  John had been on unemployment for a while and the past due bills were starting to plague him as there was no new job in sight.  He owned his home but had to sell his boat and his wife wouldn't be driving a Cadillac next time around.  John had worked his way up in the company from a supervisor to a manager but his employer was having a rough time during the recession.  John received his lay-off pink slip about four months ago so spending a lot of money would never be part of the plan. 
John found out about NDITC by doing a Google Search and started reading the many articles about the inkjet and tonercartridge business.  He found out that millions of dollars are spent every year right inside his own small town.  He knew he was a beginner but he truly thought that he had found the ideal home based small business idea.
Inkjet and Toner printer cartridges enjoyed a very large market and the business segment was growing and growing.  The expected profit margins were really good when he discovered that you could buy a brand new factory compatible inkjet cartridge for less than one dollar and sells for twenty five dollars.  He wrote down what he liked about the NDITC plans and their projected outcomes;
1. Perfect mail order business.
2. Everything can be drop-shipped.
3. No inventory required.
4. Large market and growing.
5. Offers up a great profit margin.
6. Just the thing for repeat sales.
7. Could purchase in small quantities.
8. Factory cartridge warranties and guarantees.
9. Internet based.
10. 100% ownership of the business.
John followed the free plan NDITC 1302 instructions and did a lot of research online and he even went to all the local stores. We would suggest that you follow John's lead and complete your own research before you buy any of the NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner small business inkjet and toner cartridge business plans.  You'll feel better just like John did before he completed the NDITC paperwork and sent in his plan payment. 
Visit these web sites and search inkjet cartridge prices.
Search the retail inkjet price for;
BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge
John kept up the research and visited all the web based cartridge outlets like and and started comparing the retail prices with the projected wholesale prices.
He search the sites for a BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge and noticed that Office Max charged$24.99 each.
He would do the exact same search on the Staples web site and they charged $23.29 for the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge.
John continued with and found out that the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge retailed atOffice Depot for $26.99 each.
He even went to and discovered that Wal-Mart charged $24.44 retail.  He discovered like many others that the Best Buy online price at $23.99 which really wasn't the best buy price on the internet.
The more John looked the more he liked the NDITC inkjet and toner printer cartridge business plans;
Retail Prices BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge
Staples                 $23.29
Office Max           $24.99
Office Depot        $26.99
Wal-Mart            $24.44
Best Buy              $23.99
John quickly noticed that all the major retailers essentially charge the same retail prices for inkjet cartridges, regardless of the brands.
John also knew that he could buy a factory direct inkjet printer cartridge, Brother LC61 Black for one dollar wholesale, yes $1.00 each.
The complete surprise was total.  How in the world could all the big box retailers charge $23.00 to $27.00 for this one little cartridge that John could buy from the factory for $1.00 each?
John would open his profitable inkjet and toner cartridge business.
Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridge Refilling Business, without refilling machines, without franchise fees or complicated contracts.  It's called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company and you can start your own inkjet toner cartridge business in a matter of days.
You can start marketing brand name inkjet and toner printer copier and fax cartridges to dozens if not hundreds of local business owners.  NDITC lets you start your own inkjet and toner printer copier fax cartridge dealership business in a matter of a few days.
The NDITC small business plans never charges you any royalty fees and you never have to buy or lease expensive cartridge refill machines.  The NDITC success-laden home business plans are used all across North America and NDITC is the leader in cartridge consulting.
You receive direct access to real inkjet and laser toner cartridge factories that give you the ability to purchase factory direct inkjet and toner cartridges.  Join the closely knit chain of dealerships and enjoy this money making opportunity for free.
Enjoy your day

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