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Prepper Finance Economics Cash Money
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Preppers Survivalists NDITC How To Become A Millionaire, Most people want to improve their life and prosperity. Most people simply wait for the world of opportunity to discover them which never happens. Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible. Changing your life and the drudgery of life will always start with you but you were taught very different. Over 97% of humans on earth have a strange relationship with life which has become normal. If you would enjoy being powerful you must learn the atomic secrets of your creator. This training, development and performance education is not about Adam and Eve it's about you and the atomic seeds planted deep inside you.

How To Become A Millionaire, Most people want to improve their life and prosperity.  Most people simply wait for the world of opportunity to discover them which never happens.  Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible. Changing your life and the drudgery of life will always start with you but you were taught very different. Over 97% of humans on earth have a strange relationship with life which has become normal.  If you would enjoy being powerful you must learn the atomic secrets of your creator.  This training, development and performance education is not about Adam and Eve it's about you and the atomic seeds planted deep inside you.

The Smarter People Consulting Group breaks the alters of wait and see management, trial and error techniques, cut and fit plans, programs and guides and creates the solid knowledge foundations required for personal and professional success.  We teach and coach people about the brainstorms happening inside every human being and how to tap into the exotic and strange things that truly drive and motivate every human being.

Since 1976 these guaranteed dog-eared volumes of confirmed and demonstrated knowledge has been condensed and concentrated into easy to learn and painless application principles and techniques that are guaranteed to work.

The Smarter People Consulting Group destroys the temples of big education and removes the murky shrines of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Princeton that  allows you to gain the pieces of solid nuggets of pure knowledge that is not generally taught anywhere.  Higher education gives only a glimpse into the real human workings so they can remain powerful.  We understand that knowledge is power and money and it makes little sense for the people "in the know" to allow "the regular people" understanding about the absolute secrets of science and mother nature.

The Smarter People Consulting Group takes you back in time to forget some of your knowledge and then we insert the pieces of pure knowledge (truth) that will change everything in your life.  These truth's are the secrets that have been implanted in every human being.  At some atomic level all humans have the exact same operating design and systems in place.  These atomic level human secrets are found inside every human being in Beverly Hills and in Mexico city.  They are guaranteed to amaze you and when properly taught and used they create great fortunes and enterprises.

This pure knowledge (truth) will change you first and then change everything around you and in most cases this can be accomplished in ninety days or less.  You have been treated like a zoo animal since the moment of your birth.  It doesn't mean that your parents don't love you or the nurse that handed you to your mother didn't think your were adorable.  It does not mean that you were born a failure and doomed to a serf's life but it does mean that your ignorance is a super-powerful diet of false information that you are being fed daily.  Most teachers, parents, coaches and other instructors never realize they are filling you with bogus knowledge because they can only teach you what they know. 

Your brain chest of information (tool box) that you carry around in your brain is housing tiny little idols of lies (dishonesty) that will destroy you and your prosperity.

If you can consider knowledge the food and knowledge the fuel of your future you can quickly see that you can only become what you think about.  The Metropolis of Capitalism which includes your tiny corner of poverty or prosperity is controlled by Big business, Big government, Big education,  Big media, Big labor and Big global players which means they have your progress blocked.

You have been taught like all human beings to seek out the sheepskin of knowledge so you can carry the swords and rifles of business management into the free market battle.  You now know that Big education is little more than Big business and Big government combined as these two spiders spin their webs.  It's impossible for you to learn something if this "something" is never taught.

The Smarter People Consulting Group has been the soap taster for decades and we publish our findings and teach what we have discovered.  The amazing secrets and facts about you and how all human beings think and struggle is truly the pot of gold that can make you rich and famous but, it's bigger than you know.  

Imagine yourself swaggering into business management with other business warriors with fox-skin hats, knee-length leather boots and your own sheepskin cloak all looking the same.  If you watch and really look at people in large groups on Wall-Street or maybe in your own office you'll notice that people dress alike and talk alike but most importantly they act alike.  You'll have that one human than operates as C.E.O. or the Executive in charge but all the others seems to be acting and doing the same things day in and day out.  People have been given the wrong knowledge food for hundreds of years not by a villain but by their teachers, friends, supervisors and even their churches because teachers only teach what they know.

Your education drives your entire life and you should imagine the knowledge you hold as trillions of atoms bouncing around inside your brain saying yes, no or maybe to questions about life, food, sex, breathing, fear, danger and another few thousand things you decide without deciding.

This is very important to your future.

You decide things without deciding.

You make a decision without making up your mind.

You choose without making a choice and every human does the same thing.

This selection process is made deep inside your mind because your creator has implanted the abundance or ranges of experiences that have been programmed inside you.  Your catalog of evolutionary experiences is the base program that you have running at his very moment.  You really have no control over the process until such time that you recognize that you have a excellent natural program agenda that will decide everything, if you let it.

You also have teeth marks you carry from the experiences of real life business confrontation and your chest may be heavy with ribbons dangling and certificates fastened to your office walls but we all know that every soldier's day can come to a very abrupt end.

You have historical experiences (evolutionary) imbedded inside your mind and your own experiences are layered over your natural instructions.  Most of the things that a human being decides during a day to day life is predetermined by nature.

You're sure that your education printed on sheepskin and the ornaments of your success will keep your prosperity and fortune safe from any harm but now you know your precious success and future has no guarantee.  The Big People have franchised this natural code of human beings and natural human behavior  for their own better living and their goal is to keep you in sleepy time so they can control you.  Sounds like the knowledge food you have taken in your entire life is also a poison from a cult of Big people. 

If you can imagine the human population as one giant safari you can see that billions of people are lined up with only a few thousand leading the masses.  Are the leaders of the safari of humans smarter or do they just know things you don't know? 

Why is it that you're a porter on the safari of life and not leading the pack?  How did you become the janitor of the bathrooms at work and not the owner of the building?  Why are you the cook and not the chef that moved beyond the fried food diet? 

As with any treasure it will always be guarded.  It only makes sense that people that have the treasure map has no intentions of giving you a copy.  People, in general terms, very rarely share or distribute their wealth unless they are forced.  The Big people or Rich people portion out their wealth through forced taxes but mostly wealth is allocated through trade and commerce.

The Smarter People Consulting Group understands that one company "Big people" may have a thousand servants.  The Big people and "Little you" game is how a great chef remains behind the hot grill for low wages.  You have been assigned your life as a result of your lack of knowledge.  The Smarter People Consulting Group helps you break out of your assignment and get rid of the dangerous medicines of false thoughts running your daily life and prosperity.

We have a roadmap for you that will teach you how to safeguard your future prosperity.  As a business owner or a business manager you know that each prospect and customer puts another precious stone in your charm box but in the last few years of battle there's more space for success because you're not winning all the time and the big foreheads tell you to do something but the bullets still fly and the evil spirits of the balance sheet haunt you at night.
Your competitors now wear heavy breast plates and they keep charging into your space and they keep winning away the customers and their precious stones of success.

Over the last few years you have started to worry about your golden rings and necklaces and you've sold things to keep fighting and hoping for better times and fortunes.

You have found that these nomad competitors arrive out of thin air (internet) and you're never really sure if they're there or not but,  one thing for sure is that sales are harder to make, profits harder to keep and you're not part of the gold rush.

There must be a solution and it is found in rich knowledge the true ornaments of success and prosperity.  There is no train, plane or boat service to your prosperity but there is a proven path and The Smarter People Consulting Group will lay out the simple steps you must take.

This pure knowledge (truth) comes in many sizes some so tiny you learned them before you could speak your name.  Some knowledge the size of a walnut you learned by the time you were thirteen years old.   Life has forced you to forget what you already knew and the wearisome weeks and years of drudgery has washed away the path that was so clear to you when you were younger.

The Smarter People Consulting Group perhaps is the way to save your business, keep your home or salt away enough money to rescue a marriage or salvage your life-style and revive your wealth and prosperity.

You have always done business on the surface level but obviously about three percent of the people on earth know the better way and their sizable bankroll proves the point.

You must invest in the project of you.  You will have to saddle up the pony and take the journey back in time and forget some things you were taught and spend many weeks riding inside this new medium of (truth) knowledge.  This will be a very profitable venture for you, your family, your friends and all the people you know today and tomorrow.   All you must do is say yes and saddle up for the journey.

You're going to enter the forbidden land of pure (truth) knowledge that others will never teach you.  You will start out as a foreigner that crosses some border that you didn't even know existed.  We will remove the contamination of your education and for the first time everything will start to make sense.  This is not merely the knowledge of crosses (nature-church-god-creation) but is a journey through (nurture-traits-evolution-science) that can be physically and mentally forbidding and is guaranteed to change your life.

Literally within our religious country much of this pure (truth) knowledge cannot be taught because these (truths) control the world.  Your present day of materialism is removed as your cross more borders of knowledge that other people don't want you know.  The knowledge contamination that you live with today was implanted by well meaning parents, teachers, coaches, instructors, friends and even the strangers that can only teach you what they think they know.

Located deep inside every man and woman there is a very special truth that lives inside each of us from Hollywood to the Himalayas and within this little space there grows the fuel of your own greatness and success. 

Most people are discouraged and their life has become so hazardous that they give up and simply die like pack-animals used to carry the wealth of other people.

The super successful people on planet earth understand this special area of pure (truth) knowledge but they also make sure that this knowledge is sparsely populated within other human beings.  The brilliant minds know about pure (truth) knowledge but they also understand the awful and enhanced evil that can be unlocked upon the entire world.

Since 1976 the founder and author of The Smarter People Consulting Group knows about the windswept earth of poverty and starvation.  He understands about financial collapse and food shortages and jobs not too plentiful.  He empathizes with the discouraged forced into SNAP food stamps and welfare programs.  He values the man or woman that cannot find a job and suffers through unemployment or the lesser income of under-employment. 

The founder and author knows about the millions of good men and women treated like pack-animals and left on the trail to die or wander away.  He knows that people are hurting and their supplies can only last a few months.  He has taken in the mountain passes that are full of danger but he also understands that the heart of man cannot be put down and like a trip-hammer this pure (truth) knowledge can change everything.

He promises never to leave you gasping for breath like that of a drowning man and he will show you how to remove the bandits that surround you.

There are canyons to be crossed but do not be afraid because it's the mental journey where the air is pure and the pure (truth) knowledge will leave you breathless but of joy and happiness and prosperity can enter your life from the central point inside you.

You will meet many strangers during your learning and at the same time this lonely trail becomes populated with new friends and the hello's of strangers that want and need to become your friends.  You can sling your past off your back and those sudden attacks of fear become fewer and then one day they're gone forever.

You can place your hands across you lap because all the fear will be removed and people will be ready to learn from you as you become the teacher.
The bloodthirsty business world becomes easy to understand and with one hand you teach and with the other hand you help people through better products and services and the robbery will stop and the boxing with competitors is removed.

All your restlessness and the monotony of the fear that lives inside you becomes action and the pieces of your life and business start to engage and flocks of people find you and your products and prosperity is upon you.  Your friends and associates stop being sheep that must be herded because you will set them free and discourage the Tommy-gun of big box retailers, global giants, supply chain manipulations and transform them into better people that trust you and your products.

Practically every river washes sand that contains just the right amount of gold for the miner.  Become a miner of knowledge because it will be taught to you.

You know the world is crude and not all roads lead to prosperity.  You will have the time of your life converting this pure (truth) knowledge into available wealth and prosperity and you will be one of the fortunate teachers that live in peace and quiet.

If you're ready for delightful months of learning and years of prosperity there is glittering pure (truth) knowledge waiting for you.  The superstructure that your life was built upon with massive stones of dishonesty, deceit and lying may seem impressive but these grotesque gargoyles are killing you.

The most amazing thing about The Smarter People Consulting Group is that we teach you things you already know but you have everything in the wrong order.   There are thousands of tiny lamps burning to help show you the way and we can help you wish but it's you that must walk into forbidden pure (truth) knowledge.

Many scholars feel that this softly molded knowledge inside every man and woman should remain forbidden forever but the pure magic of it makes keeping the secret impossible.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Start Your Inkjet and Laser Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridge Refilling Business, Without Refilling Machines or Fees NDITC

Everything is drop-shipped for you.  You have no merchandise to carry and you won't need to tie up any of your cash money.  This complete and ready to go inkjet and toner printer copier fax cash register cartridge business is just perfect for the beginner in business.
John was very pleased with the inkjet and toner cartridge business because it could be run right out of his home office and he already owned most everything he needed.  John reasoned that the inkjet and toner cartridge refill refilling business was a fantastic money maker because he had done his own local research as recommended by the business plan makers.
The plan stated that you could start your own home based inkjet and toner printer copier fax and cash register cartridge business and with a very minimum amount of cash start earning money.  In fact, one of the plans offered was only $39.95 and it was on sale for only twenty five bucks. 
The plans were designed so that the average guy or gal could start small in their spare time (part-time) and allow the profitable business to mushroom into something much larger (full-time) and even more profitable.  John learned about all five small business inkjet and toner cartridge plans and decided on one of the larger plans.  John decided he wanted to start his cartridge business and truly wanted to cash in on this fabulous inkjet and toner cartridge business.  John knew he was a new comer in business but the plans were well respected and the free sample plan already helped him learn and earn at the same time.
John found out that the old-fashioned mail order business wasn't dead at all but it had changed forms.  The internet allowed the old fashioned mail order business to gain new ground and make millionaires every day.  He had noticed that very few catalogs are received by U.S. Mail any longer because that distribution had been taken over by the internet.  There was no SEARS catalog and there wasn't going to be one next year.
Like so many other beginners within the inkjet and toner cartridge business he was enterprising but didn't have a lot of cash money to start his business.  John had been on unemployment for a while and the past due bills were starting to plague him as there was no new job in sight.  He owned his home but had to sell his boat and his wife wouldn't be driving a Cadillac next time around.  John had worked his way up in the company from a supervisor to a manager but his employer was having a rough time during the recession.  John received his lay-off pink slip about four months ago so spending a lot of money would never be part of the plan. 
John found out about NDITC by doing a Google Search and started reading the many articles about the inkjet and tonercartridge business.  He found out that millions of dollars are spent every year right inside his own small town.  He knew he was a beginner but he truly thought that he had found the ideal home based small business idea.
Inkjet and Toner printer cartridges enjoyed a very large market and the business segment was growing and growing.  The expected profit margins were really good when he discovered that you could buy a brand new factory compatible inkjet cartridge for less than one dollar and sells for twenty five dollars.  He wrote down what he liked about the NDITC plans and their projected outcomes;
1. Perfect mail order business.
2. Everything can be drop-shipped.
3. No inventory required.
4. Large market and growing.
5. Offers up a great profit margin.
6. Just the thing for repeat sales.
7. Could purchase in small quantities.
8. Factory cartridge warranties and guarantees.
9. Internet based.
10. 100% ownership of the business.
John followed the free plan NDITC 1302 instructions and did a lot of research online and he even went to all the local stores. We would suggest that you follow John's lead and complete your own research before you buy any of the NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner small business inkjet and toner cartridge business plans.  You'll feel better just like John did before he completed the NDITC paperwork and sent in his plan payment. 
Visit these web sites and search inkjet cartridge prices.
Search the retail inkjet price for;
BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge
John kept up the research and visited all the web based cartridge outlets like and and started comparing the retail prices with the projected wholesale prices.
He search the sites for a BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge and noticed that Office Max charged$24.99 each.
He would do the exact same search on the Staples web site and they charged $23.29 for the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge.
John continued with and found out that the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge retailed atOffice Depot for $26.99 each.
He even went to and discovered that Wal-Mart charged $24.44 retail.  He discovered like many others that the Best Buy online price at $23.99 which really wasn't the best buy price on the internet.
The more John looked the more he liked the NDITC inkjet and toner printer cartridge business plans;
Retail Prices BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge
Staples                 $23.29
Office Max           $24.99
Office Depot        $26.99
Wal-Mart            $24.44
Best Buy              $23.99
John quickly noticed that all the major retailers essentially charge the same retail prices for inkjet cartridges, regardless of the brands.
John also knew that he could buy a factory direct inkjet printer cartridge, Brother LC61 Black for one dollar wholesale, yes $1.00 each.
The complete surprise was total.  How in the world could all the big box retailers charge $23.00 to $27.00 for this one little cartridge that John could buy from the factory for $1.00 each?
John would open his profitable inkjet and toner cartridge business.
Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridge Refilling Business, without refilling machines, without franchise fees or complicated contracts.  It's called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company and you can start your own inkjet toner cartridge business in a matter of days.
You can start marketing brand name inkjet and toner printer copier and fax cartridges to dozens if not hundreds of local business owners.  NDITC lets you start your own inkjet and toner printer copier fax cartridge dealership business in a matter of a few days.
The NDITC small business plans never charges you any royalty fees and you never have to buy or lease expensive cartridge refill machines.  The NDITC success-laden home business plans are used all across North America and NDITC is the leader in cartridge consulting.
You receive direct access to real inkjet and laser toner cartridge factories that give you the ability to purchase factory direct inkjet and toner cartridges.  Join the closely knit chain of dealerships and enjoy this money making opportunity for free.
Enjoy your day

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Business Guide Books Free NDITC Online Downloads Ink and Toner Refilling Business Guide Manual News Instructions Facts Refilling Machines

The Business Guide Books Free NDITC Online Downloads Ink and Toner Refilling Business Guide Manual News Instructions Facts Refilling Machines New Used Lease Imports Start Your Own Home Based Inkjet and Laser Toner Printer Cartridge Business Mailorder Guides Factory Direct Wholesale Prices Home Based In Home Cash Income

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What the American media didn’t talk about was the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent of the U.N. Global “CBA” Cross Border Army – “America” and also “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Britain” , “CBA” Cross Border Army – “France”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Russia”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “China”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Iraq”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Korea South”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “India”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Iran”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Saudi”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Italy”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Brazil”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Mexico”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “North Korea” with a few more countries being allowed to participate in the next five years or so. The Global CBA Cross Border Armies were under the direct military control of the United Nations and not their respective home countries.


It was January but it felt like spring.  The cold air felt fresh and clean and in my distant memory I could still smell the coal fired furnaces that filled my home town with sweet smoke of prosperity.   I enjoyed remembering even as I sat on the cold park bench waiting just a little while longer.  My home town was once filled with working people and the land was once full of factories that made furniture for the homes of America.  Those old giant brick buildings were empty now and the folks were huddled down for the winter and the whole town was poverty stricken as all the jobs were gone.   I was enjoying the light snow cover that made the town almost look like a Rockwell painting when at last the two tone ford pickup truck pulled up next to my black Mercedes automobile.  The two tone ford pickup truck was being driven by my cousin and he gave me a quick smile and a wave as he slipped the clutch and bounced the pickup against the parking curb.


Every month on a Thursday my cousin George and I would meet before driving up to my Aunt Sally’s house for our monthly family business gathering.  After my grandfather passed away my father received sole ownership of Caldwell Sign and Construction Company which was a very well established enterprise that built those outdoor billboard signs that Lady Bird Johnson almost put out of business.  I can still hear my grandfather complain about the Johnson administration and his vocal Lady Bird wife about removing all the outdoor billboards across the country.  President Johnson went away but Caldwell Sign and Construction Company kept going and growing over all those years.


After my return from Vietnam and my graduation from college Dad made me the President of the Caldwell Sign and Construction Company.  My cousin George was the Vice-President and my father remains the Chairman of the Board at the lively age of eighty two years old.  Other family members like my cousins Ann and Betty hold down important management positions and my Aunt Sally is the secretary and treasurer of the organization.


My cousin George sat down on the snow covered bench next to me and lit up a cigarette and nudged me with his shoulder to say hello without saying a word.  He handed me a cigarette and a lighter and I struck the fire and inhaled deeply.  Everybody in North Carolina smokes so I might be the only man trying to quit the tobacco habit.  We sat there on the bench for a couple of minutes without saying a word simply enjoying the smokes.  We both looked right at the same time and noticed the Sheriffs car up the road coming our way.  County Sheriff Bernie Jackson was flashing his lights to say hello as he pulled up to the other side of my black Mercedes and jumped out of his squad car.

“You boys old enough to smoke?” Sheriffs Jacksons way of saying hello.

“Fuck You!” Cousin George’s way of saying hello right back.

Sheriff Jackson was the county Sheriff and he was also part of the family and the family business.  He provided background checks, too-bit security and runs errands for $1,000 dollar a week but second cousin Sheriff Bernie Jackson had been part of my immediate family since we were kids in middle school years ago.  Bernie’s parents got a divorce and Bernie came to live with me and my family.  It’s still hard to believe that the state and county would give Bernie a gun.  What they didn’t know about Bernie could fill the county library but he’s been county Sheriff for more than twenty years.

Dad was going to be at Aunt Sally’s house up the road and the family business meeting would start right after lunch around noon or so.  The monthly meetings might last three or four hours and after my Dad screamed a little we would all go home.  Aunt Sally would show us the money and I would show us the way and Dad would smoke and interrupt mostly.  My cousin George and Bernie would sit back in the corners and mostly likely just eat cake.  My other cousins Ann and Betty would throw their two cents in and then I would open my briefcase that I was carrying in the trunk of my Mercedes.

The Caldwell Sign and Construction Company had annual revenues of twenty seven million dollars last year with a pre-tax profit of eight million dollars.  The outdoor billboard business has had some rough times but we’ve been in business so long the competitors don’t get within 150 miles from our center point.   The justice department anti-trust lawyers wouldn’t like how we stayed in business and kept the competitors away but my grandfather set up the deals over fifty years ago.  The other outdoor sign companies stayed away and we stayed away from them.  Every three months the owners of the other outdoor sign companies would gather at Hilton Head Island under assumed names and agree what we could or would charge the advertising customers for the next quarter.  At the last meeting we all agreed to take a 17% price increase on the customers.  We all wanted more money and more profits and it was a really big deal for Dad at the last meeting.  The Caldwell Sign and Construction Company was about to branch out into other areas and we needed a lot of hard cash.  It’s something that we won’t be talking about at the lunch meeting in a few minutes.  It was Dad’s secret between me and my brother. 

My brother doesn’t work directly for Caldwell Sign and Construction Company but consults with us when we need his help.  Even working as a consultant my brother Nick took out over $250,000 in fees last year.  My brother Nick has his own business because he really couldn’t get along with Dad well enough to work together so he just took some cash out and started his own small town cable T.V.  Business before the fortune 500 group took over the entire industry.  Nick owns, believe it or not, Nick at Night Cable T.V. of Hickory Springs Inc. down in Hickory Springs North Carolina and his system still has about 93,000 monthly subscribers.  As an electronic engineer this is a perfect vocation for Nick as he’s also the family computer and networking expert for the family and business.

Aunt Sally’s cake was a little dry but the coffee was hot so Dad didn’t bitch a lot.  The numbers looked good and it will be a good year.  We all said our piece about the business and we all agreed that the country was going to hell.  Dad was a Democrat that hated the Democrats and the rest of the family were card carrying money giving Republicans.  The Democratic Party in the county was strong but had gotten a lot weaker over the years due to all the factories being closed.  Main Street was empty all week but saw a bit of business on Saturday.  Most everybody in Hudson North Carolina just drove down to Hickory Springs and bought their beer and went to the movies.

We all heard the four o’clock train going past Aunt Sally’s house so we knew we talked too long and ate too much.  I never could figure out why Aunty Sally’s beautiful home was only fifty yards from the railroad tracks.  It was time to open my briefcase and my father started tapping his spoon on his coffee cup.  Dad was about to give the family another speech.

“When Dad gave me this business he told me to take care of the family” Dad wasn’t emotional but just a slight little pause when he spoke.  “You know that this is family money so take your share and keep your mouth shut.”  That was the end of Dad’s speech and it was my turn to hand every member of the family $50,000 in cash money.  Every member of the family received $50,000 in cash every month if business was good and at Christmas they got $100,000 cash in non reportable income.

Everybody kissed Dad or shook his hand and got up and started washing the dishes and cleaning off the dining room table.  My uncle had died years ago so Dad sat in his chair in the family room closest to the fire in the fireplace and sipped his coffee.  My brother Nick, Dad and me just sat around a few minutes as other members of the family started to leave.  Everybody knew this was going to be a private meeting and even my Aunt Sally stayed in the kitchen.

“Boys” My Dad always addressed his two grown men sons, college educated, cash rich and hard working sons as “Boys”

“Boys, it’s time that we do something about God Damned Washington Fucking D.C.!”

Nick looked at me and I smiled back because we had heard this particular speech for the last three or four years.  Dad didn’t like the current president and hated the current federal government.  He loved America but couldn’t tolerate the “bull shit” concerning the current Communist Marxist government.

“Dad we understand” I was the first to speak up.  “We’re going to vote again and this time we’ll make sure we win.”  While Dad soaked up my words Nick handed me a cigarette and a lighter.  Everybody else had left except Aunt Sally and Cousin Ann who were drying dishes or something across the house in the kitchen.

“Boys, this God Damned shit is going to stop!” 

“Our family is going to do something about it and it’s fucking big!”

Dad talked on for about five minutes and he didn’t want to hear about waiting around for the next voting season because the elections were rigged and the President was a son-of-a-white-bitch.

My brother Nick and I agreed that something should be done and we sat around for another thirty minutes or so and Dad fell asleep in the cozy leather chair.

Aunt Sally brought us our coats and kissed me and my brother Nick good-bye as we went outside and started up our cold cars in the driveway. We were letting the cars warm up as we stood outside and smoked as our mother was waving at us from the car that just pulled up on the driveway.  Mother would drive Dad home in Charlotte North Carolina as she never attended the family business meetings because she and Aunt Betty didn’t agree on some of the known family events.  If mother knew more about her family she would leave all of us in the snow with a lunch bag.  Mother didn’t agree with Dad on most things but over the years she didn’t argue with him either.  Dad would either sleep all the way home or talk mothers head off, you just never knew which. Mother always took good care of Dad and gave Aunt Sally a wave and a smile as Dad got into the warm waiting car.  Mother and Aunt Sally have always pretended to like each other since I was a kid.  It was a friendly family but at times it was a strange family. It was a truly American family.

I wouldn’t be driving home tonight I would be staying in town at the Holiday Inn.  The county seat of Lenoir North Carolina was only five miles down the road and it would save me the hour drive home just to drive back in the morning.  The Caldwell Sign and Construction Company general office was in downtown Lenoir so I stayed in town a few days a week.  Without a wife and family I could do what I wanted most of the time so my life was truly my own.

When I approached my Holiday Inn room door my cousin Ann opened my room door and there she was standing in her bathrobe with the front open enough to show me her hungry breast nipples.  I gave her a big kiss and patted on her ass as I walked through the door and threw my briefcase on the bed.  Ann and I had started having sex together when she was a senior in high school and when I got back from Vietnam we just picked up where we left off.  Ann was not only my cousin she was my girl.

“What did your Daddy have to say John?” Ann took my coat and hung it up in the closet.

“Dad was talking about killing off the government again.” I was watching her bend over putting my shoes in the closet.  “He’s got a giant government fix plan and it’s big”  “Before he told us the entire plan he fell asleep in the chair.”  Ann slipped off her robe and asked me if I wanted to join her in the shower or watch T.V.”  I didn’t want to watch CNN so in less than a minute I was washing her soapy hair in the shower.  Ann was a beautiful woman as she took her turn and her time washing me.  Cousin Ann dried me off and took me to the bed with her.  I hadn’t seen her in over a week because she had been in Greensboro on family business.  We would enjoy each other and fall asleep only to be awakened by the fucking phone at three thirty in the morning.  It was Nick.


Dad had told Nick his plan.  After reaching his home in Charlotte North Carolina he had called Nick a few hours ago.  Dad laid out his plan and Nick was confused and excited and maybe a little drunk.

“Dad told me his plan” Nick paused for a time.

“He’s going to build guns John and he’s already started.”  You could tell by the sound that Nick was lighting a cigarette as he paused again.

“Dad has every intention of selling his trucking company and using all the cash to build gun factories across the United States.”  “He has been buying land for three years John and hiring people.”  “John I think Dad has gone fucking nuts!”  Nick paused again so I jumped in.

“He’s full of shit Nick. It’s just another big deal and it won’t go far.”  I was still asleep and Cousin Ann was rubbing her breasts against my chest while I was trying to talk to Nick.

“Dad just talks Nick and he would never sell his trucking business.”  North Carolina Direct Delivery Services was the money making machine that Dad started when we were in high school.  NCDDS was a public company and its annual revenues put it in the top 20 trucking companies in America.  It was Dad’s baby and he loved every truck and every driver. Dad drove a truck for a few years and had started a textile machine business and invented a first-class textile implement that he had hand crafted and patented.  In the next four years he leased and sold his machines all over the south to textile mills and made a few million dollars.  One day a guy showed up at his factory in Charlotte NC and handed Dad a contract to buy NICKYJOHNS Machine Company for $27.3 million dollars in Stock Certificates of the United Machine Textile Foundry UMTF that was pubic and traded on wall-street.  On top of the contract was a cash money check made out to NICKYJOHNS Machine Company for 2.7 million dollars making the deal worth 30 million dollars.  Of course Dad told the guy to get the fuck out and never come back until he was serious about the money.  I was old enough to remember Dad and Mother talking into the middle of the night and Dad cussing the bastard that offered him all the money.  Dad called his father, my grandfather, and sought out his advice.  My grandfather told him to find the son-of-a-bitch and take the cash.  “You have a sign company to run!”  My grandfather was again making the point that his oldest son should be running the Caldwell Sign and Construction Company instead of playing in his machine shop a hundred hours a week.  My grandfather was also very proud of my father as his oldest son invented something so simple and valuable it was worth millions of dollars to UMTF.  My grandfather also made the point in less than 10 years the United States would be out of the textile business because of cheap Chinese imports which my Dad knew was true.  My Dad told him NICKYJOHNS Machine Company was worth a lot more money and he wanted one hundred million dollars.  My grandfather as the story goes told Dad to have a beer and take a nap.




Dad had a few slight problems that even my mother didn’t know about.  NICKYJOHNS Machine Company hadn’t paid any income taxes in the last two years because Dad hated the government and refused to send too much money to the bastards.  His other problems got worse.  Dad invented the textile machine but didn’t have enough money to build it.  My grandfather loaned him twenty thousand dollars cash to help him along but didn’t want to help my father too much.  He wanted Dad running the outdoor sign business and cover up his machine shop tools with plastic and move back to his home town. 

Dad faked some purchase orders from a couple of small textile mills in South Carolina and took them to three local banks and borrowed $50,000 in cash from each of them.  He then took the $150,000 and bought enough materials and hired some quality machinist and other workers and starting building his machines.  The money should have been enough to build at least five machines and he was planning to sell them at $50,000 each or $250,000 total for the five.  With his profits after expenses he would pay off the banks and be off and running.  It just didn’t really happen that way.

Dad found some buyers for the textile machines but at $35,000 each not the $50,000 that he had plugged into his business plan.  He sold enough machines to make the banks monthly loan payments but not enough to pay the light bill and the machinists.  Dad hired a machine sales and distribution company that wanted to sell the machine for $20,000 each but Dad would have to build at least one hundred machines every year to get the price that low and still make profit. 

Dad had another idea and it meant that he would forge 10 more fake purchase orders for his textile machines and take them to the local bankers for more cash.  The banks liked NICKYJOHNS because Dad always paid his monthly payments on time and the banks were making money.   Dad walked away from the three local banks this time with $500,000 in cash money and a one million dollar line of credit.

Dad fired the machine sales and distribution company and hired Sally as his new sales manager.  Sally was the high school principles sister that mother had known for years and Sally had a sales background in the car business.  Sally worked for the local Chevy dealership and had made it all the way up to floor sales manager which was good enough for Dad.  Dad was sure if you could sell a damn Chevy you could sell anything.  Sally started out at $15,000 a year salary and 10% commission on her gross sales and they shook hands on January 1st their very first day in business together.

Dad liked the idea of the $20,000 textile machine price tag but he would have to buy a lot of parts and components and build at least 100 machines in 12 months.  This plan required a bigger building and more lathes, drill presses, welders, machine operators and a couple of new office people.  Dad would need at least three million dollars to pull off his manufacturing idea.




Sally couldn’t sell shit.  Dad was mad because Sally couldn’t sell shit and all she did was drive around and burn up gas and buy people lunch.  Dad talked about firing her all the time but the truth be known he liked Sally and he couldn’t really sell much of anything except faked purchase orders.


Mississippi Textile & Mills general offices in Jackson Mississippi controlled twenty three textile plants and factories located all across Mississippi and Louisiana and had over six billion dollars in revenue the previous year.  Mr. Shelton C Jones was the executive vice-president of purchasing for the giant Mississippi Textile and Mills Corporation and he had taken a shine to Sally.  Sally had called on him three different times and nothing much ever happened.

During this business call on Shelton he decided that they should go to lunch so he had his company driver pull around his big black Cadillac.  All the executives had company perks and a company Cadillac and driver was part of the deal for senior executives.  Shelton C Jones had been with the company about thirty five years and was a tall skinny man of about sixty eight years of age.  He walked a little slow but he had the brain power of Hercules and had unusual corporate authority.  Mr. Jones could spend up to five million dollars by the stroke of his pen.  Mr. Jones always carried a pen.

“Sally I like you.”  Shelton was sitting down across the table from Sally at the Astor-House Diner in downtown Jackson Mississippi. 

“Thank you Shelton, I like you too.” Sally put her purse between her legs like she always does and wondered why it felt a little different this time.

“Sally I like your machine too, but I’ve got some problems with the deal.”  Shelton received his glass of sweet ice tea without asking from a young girl patting him on the back at the same time.

The young waitress asked Sally if she wanted some sweet tea and Shelton kept talking.

“You see Sally I’ve got to put my neck in the nose to try out your new machine.”  Shelton pulled out a little cigar and lit it up and blew blue smoke away from Sally.

“My president Sally says I can’t spend too much this year.”  That would be the second lie that Shelton told Sally and the first one being that he like Sally.  He thought Sally had big tats and a little brain and average legs.  He also knew that Sally couldn’t sell shit and she needed money.

“Sally what I want to do is lease your machines and not buy them.”  He reached inside his coat pocket and pulled out a lease agreement that he had written in long hand and ask Sally if she had a typewriter at home.  Which she didn’t.

Shelton handed her the lease agreement and told her to slide it in her purse and they could just talk about it a while.  The “Shelton Lease” was about ten pages on a yellow legal pad and Sally didn’t know it yet but it was worth over a million dollars.

“Shelton, we just sell machines, we don’t lease them.”  Sally received her sweet tea but took a sip of cool water placed on the table.  She put the lease in her purse and noticed Shelton was looking down her blouse when she raised back up.

“Sally, excuse me, but I really do like you.”  Shelton was now into his third lie but Sally was just a little bit flattered because Shelton was flirting with her.  She was also uncomfortable because buyers had tried to get into her panties before, more than once.

The young waitress brought two plates full and neither Shelton nor Sally had ordered a thing.  Shelton always had their special and Sally would too.  It’s how the Astor-House did business with Shelton and that’s how he did business with them.

Shelton reached across the table and touched Sally’s hand and she knew he was about to ask for a room number and a time. Sally was brave and didn’t pull her hand back but the other hand started to shake just a little, just a little too much.

“Sally you don’t have a thing to worry about.”  “I own a few companies here in town and that lease you’ve got in your pocket is from Jupiter Labor Group which my son-in-law and I own together.”  “We supply labor to some of the mills and make a few dollars.”  Shelton started to eat his chicken salad sandwich and continued to talk with his mouth full.  “Sally the Jupiter Labor Group will lease your machines at $50,000 each for a one year term.”  “You’ll get a check for $4,166 every month for every machine we lease for twelve months making the $50,000 paid in full within a year.”

Sally heard every word but wasn’t sure about Shelton or Jupiter Labor Group.

“It’s all legal Sally.”  Shelton explained that Jupiter would lease the machines and then sell them to Mississippi Textile & Mills for a small profit.  The lease payments to NICKYJOHN would be made by Jupiter Labor Group and the Mississippi Textile & Mills company would pay Jupiter.  Everybody could make a little money and Sally could sell a few machines.  He then wanted to know if Sally didn’t like sweet ice tea because she hadn’t touched it.


Dad read the hand written lease agreement from Jupiter Labor Group several different times and so did mother until they agreed on what it said.  Shelton wanted 20 machines at $50,000 each which was a “flat ass million bucks” as my father summed it up.  NICKYJOHN would receive a check every month from Jupiter Labor Group in the amount of $83,333.33 for a full year.  It was clear to Dad, he was rich.

Dad told Sally No.  It wasn’t a deal. Not until Dad talked to Mr. Shelton C Jones face to face.  Dad wanted to know how much the Mississippi Textile & Mills general offices in Jackson Mississippi was willing to pay for one of his machines.  Dad then wanted to know how much they would pay for 20 of his machines by direct purchase. Dad wanted to play hard ball with Shelton, the million dollar man.

Two months later Dad and Sally were staying at the Capital Hotel in Jackson Mississippi getting ready for their next face to face meeting with Shelton.  Dad had Cousin Bernie check out Shelton through law enforcement agencies in a couple of states and discovered that Shelton was his own gang.  Shelton was making millions of dollars off the Mississippi Textile & Mills company by supply cheap labor to the mills and getting an annual bonus payment for keeping unions away from the company.  Bernie through his police contacts discovered that Shelton had a big money making operation.

Dad had one big thing going for his side of the deal.  Shelton was greedy as hell. 

The next morning sitting at the breakfast table downstairs at the Capital Hotel was Dad, Sally, Shelton and Shelton’s son-in-law Roger.  Roger did all the talking and Shelton didn’t say two words.  The Mississippi Textile & Mills company would buy 50 machines at $75,000 each and Shelton handed the Notarized Contract and purchase order to Dad from Mississippi Textile & Mills for a little more than $3.7 million dollars.  Along with the contract there was a down payment cashier’s check for $750,000 made out to NICKYJOHNS Machine Company and Dad smiled for the first time.

Dad handed Roger the briefcase and Roger opened it up on his lap and Shelton leaned over and peeked inside.  $500,000 in cash money was a wonderful site and it represented the bribe to Shelton for cutting the deal on Dads terms.  Shelton and Roger got up without saying a word and left Dad with the breakfast bill.  Dad would cuss about buying them breakfast for years, “those cheap bastards” and by most accounts that’s when Dad decided to bed Sally down in the Capitol Hotel behind locked doors in room 207.

United Machine Textile Foundry UMTF did buy the NICKYJOHNS Machine Company from Dad but it wasn’t on their first try.  Dad went back to Shelton with the Mississippi Textile & Mills company and struck another deal.  Dad wanted the Mississippi Textile & Mills to brag a lot about NICKYJOHNS and get involved with the United Machine Textile Foundry UMTF buy out of the NICKYJOHNS Machine Company. 

Shelton agreed to issue a real contract and purchase order to United Machine Textile Foundry UMTF for twenty million dollars to purchase more machines within 48 hours of the UMTF purchase of NICKYJOHNS and it was in writing.  Dad was at the meeting in Atlanta George when Shelton handed the contract purchase order to UMTF executives and they handed him a check for one million dollars made out to Jupiter Labor Group as a consulting fee on the deal.  What UMTF didn’t know is that the contract purchase order had a 120 day clause that allowed Shelton to back out and go home.  Shelton had no intentions of buying anything after the check to Jupiter cleared the bank.  He also agreed to keep his mouth shut until Dad received his fifty million dollars in stock from UMTF and a cashier’s check for ten million dollars cash which made the total paid to Dad sixty million dollars.  Dad paid off the banks and paid off Shelton through Roger again with $250,000 in cash money two weeks later when the deal was done. 



Shelton and Dad opened up Shelton Steel and Foundry Company in Birmingham Alabama within 90 days of the closing with UMTF and started building their own version of Dad’s invention for a textile machine.  Shelton promised to buy at least one machine every month for $50,000 each for cash money.  He also had contacts throughout the textile industry and they started selling machines all across the south.  UMTF United Machine Textile Foundry filed a law suit against Dad, Shelton, and another one against Mississippi Textile & Mills and Jupiter Labor Group.  It was clearly bad news but Dad and Shelton were ready and able.  Dad’s two man law team in Charlotte NC filed a one hundred million dollar law suit against UMTF where they presented copies of all the contracts that showed the 120 day “change your mind clause” and clearly indicated there was no agreement “not to compete” found with the contract.  Jupiter Labor Group filed legal actions against UMTF and wanted a hundred million dollars for damages and he didn’t even have to hire an attorney.  Mississippi Textile & Mills backed up Jupiter Labor Group with their lawyers and received a judgment for three million dollars against UMTF in superior court.  Dad also received a legal judgment against UMTF for legal fees of $623,000 and they went home and NICKYJOHN filed bankruptcy in less than a year.  Dad paid the two lawyers $200,000 for their services and pocketed over four hundred thousand dollars profit off the judgment.

“John the American people are treated like terrorists.” Dad was in rare form and Cousin Ann and I sat across from him in my living room.  My home is in Boone North Carolina inside a nice mountain college town that carries the name of Daniel Boone.  The estate of sorts consisted of 127 acres of prime mountain farm land and was first owned by my great great grandparents.  My family raised cattle and grew tobacco and operated local saw mills for people that built their homes down the hill over the last one hundred years or so.  My great great grandfather was a man of modest wealth and tended his tobacco crops and sold his cattle off when the prices were right.  This land held all the memories of my immediate family as my father was born in the old black house sitting not two hundred yards from mine.  The mansion that I called home was built by my grandfather with money and timber given to him by his parents.  Dad lived it in for a while and then gave it to me to care for over my life time.

Daniel Boone was a prepper Dad was saying and we should learn what it means to be prepared for Indian attacks, barn fires and bad crops.  Dad was rambling a little but what he said made a lot of good common sense. 

“They have a list John and my name is on it.”  Dad claimed that the federal government was making their lists of patriots and preppers and his name was on top of the list.  He was sure that FEMA and DOD, FBI, CIA, NSA and a thousand other agencies were about to cripple the U.S. Constitution supporting Agenda 21. 

“The Civil unrest John will start within the next year, I can prove it.”  Dad pulled out three large volumes of research books that were labeled “Worst Part One, Two and Three” and I asked him why such weird titles. 

“This is research of the highest order John and so far it’s cost about fifty thousand dollars and we’ve got a long way to go.”  “The shit they’re going to do is all inside these three volumes and it’s all researched from public court records, government records, FOIA Freedom of Information Requests and foreign news agencies.”  “I’ve got the information broken down to number one the lesser and number three the greatest threats to our nation and liberties.” “Number three worst part puts you in a shallow grave with a foreign soldier pissing on your grave.” “Number three also makes me a traitor.”



“They’re taking the guns.”  “John there is only one reason to take an honest mans gun and that’s because the government is afraid of the citizens.”  “Confiscated guns are being destroyed right now all across America because the government is buying them from the poorer classes for a couple of bucks.”  “If you get enough hungry people they’ll sell their guns and that’s what they’re doing.”

I knew Dad was right, at least almost right.  The new laws were confiscating guns by the tens of thousands through buy-back programs.  A gun with an old shotgun could sell it to the government for two hundred dollars.  A nice handgun would demand five hundred to a thousand tax payer dollars if you would sell it back.  The government doesn’t want private gun ownership any longer and they really don’t care much about the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Dads plan was just like Dad.  Wasn’t thought through all the way but it had that brilliance about it that made it odd enough and unique enough to stir a great deal of interest.  Ann, Dad and myself spent the next two hours going through his doomsday books and the information was devastating. The national media had failed the American citizen because this public information was buried in plain sight.

The government was buying up ammunition by the billions of rounds and stocking massive amounts of assault weapons in various locations.  The federal government was also buying up “MRE’s” meals ready to eat by the hundreds of millions.  The federal agencies had also opened up several dozen of “DHS” Department of Homeland Security camps across the nation.  These DHS camps were being operated by “FEMA” Federal Emergency Management and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars had already been spent by over one hundred separate federal agencies.  The “USDA” U.S. Drug Administration had spent three billion dollars on portable military kitchens.  The “FBI” Federal Bureau of Investigations has already spent seventeen billion dollars on ammunition reloading facilities, portable military type media facilities where they could broadcast national emergency news.  The Department of Defense “DOD” has closed several major military installations across the world and repositioned U.S. Military troops back within the United States.  Embassy problems, terrorist attacks, American citizen kidnappings all took a dramatic increase up on the danger curve as the U.S. pulled resources back inside the United States.  The present day government wanted a smaller U.S. Military and that was seemingly true as the traditional forces of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard troop force numbers had been reduced by over 27% over the last two years.  At the same time of traditional force reductions other military type forces were being developed under the radar of the American People.  The U.N. United Nations authorized Global “Cross Border Armies” of 12 distinct units under direct U.N. controls.  These “CBA” armies had everything the modern U.S. military industrial complex could provide from jet fighters, tanks, weapons and even missile units.  The U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress authorized the formation of the Global “CBA” Cross Border Armies with the U.N. United Nations as the way to help reduce the massive and still growing U.S. federal debt.  A global U.S. Military pullback could save the U.S. taxpayer over three hundred and nine billion dollars this year alone.  The Global “CBA” Cross Border Army – “America” would consist of a total of 135,000 combat troops with another 42,000 support personal that consisted of truck drivers, carpenters, cooks and office clerks.  The U.N. United Nations Global Charter set up the “CBA” as to spread the Global cost of world security over the several developed nations of the world. As the years go by and the massive military U.S. defense budget continues to be reduced the dollar savings were advertised to save the United States from complete bankruptcy.

What the American media didn’t talk about was the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent of the U.N. Global “CBA” Cross Border Army – “America” and also “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Britain” , “CBA” Cross Border Army – “France”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Russia”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “China”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Iraq”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Korea South”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “India”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Iran”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Saudi”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Italy”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Brazil”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “Mexico”, “CBA” Cross Border Army – “North Korea” with a few more countries being allowed to participate in the next five years or so.  The Global CBA Cross Border Armies were under the direct military control of the United Nations and not their respective home countries.  The U.N. Global Armies could be moved at any time to any part of the world by the U.N. Military Authority.  Each country had to supply the troops and the specific equipment requested by the U.N. Military Authority.  Each country of participation also had to supply the required 135,000 combat troops each and support personnel.  The U.N. Global Army Charter also agreed that no home troops would be positioned in their home countries.  This meant that in the next two to five years the U.S. could have 135,000 Russian CBA troops stationed across America and Moscow could have 135,000 CBA American troops. The U.N. Military Authority has complete power over the troops and the sponsoring countries agreed to pay for everything.  Each sponsor country agreed to pay eight billion dollars per year to the U.N. Military Authority above and beyond the actual cost of their CBA troop salaries, munitions, equipment, medical, training and everything else that goes with an Army.  If there was any CBA troops in combat each member state has agreed to pay another eight billion dollars per year during the duration. The CBA troops could never been stationed on another sponsors home land for over two years and the CBA armies would rotate and be deployed directly from the new United Nations Headquarters located in Morocco in North Africa.  The new U.N. United Nations Global Headquarters was a massive almost royal type stand alone city of fifty square miles of U.N. sovereign soil with their local government and officials being elected by the member states.  The cost of the new U.N. United Nations Global Headquarters had a price tag of nine billion dollars in construction costs, another twenty seven billion dollars to purchase the now U.N. Sovereign land and had an annual operating budget of twelve billion dollars to keep the power on, buy computers, hire clerks and a lot of new flags that still fly over the new U.S. Royal city.  The old U.N. United Nations complex in New York will be torn down and the property donated back to the United States and sold at the estimated price tag of one hundred and eighty two million dollars.  Prime property for new casino’s and shopping malls would replace the U.N. building that the world had known for decades.

All this spending was rejected by the U.S. Congress over four years ago as they clearly saw this Global Plan as just another reduction of U.S. power and influence.  The president of the United States then ordered several hundred federal agencies to reduce their budgets and send taxpayer money to a special U.N. Funding Organization called “Federal Global Relief Agency” or the “FGRA” that must represent at least eight percent of their annual federal budgets.  The president of the United States created the FGRA through executive order and has been funding the U.N. United Nations Global CBA Cross Border Armies plan for at least nine months and maybe longer.  The president advertised in the national media that federal department employee levels would be reduced to save taxpayer money which resulted in hundreds of thousands of government employee layoffs and other deductions.  The saved budget money was never returned to the U.S. Treasury for safe keeping it was sent to the Federal Global Relief Agency FGRA which then funded the U.S. United Nations Global CBA Cross Border Armies in conjunction with the present flow of billions of taxpayer dollars to the U.N. United Nations.  The only reason there is a slight whisper about all this is that a lone congresswoman from Mississippi threatened to blow the whistle if her state didn’t receive the school budget money she demanded.  She told all the national media “if we have enough money for Morocco then we have enough money for Jackson”.  The main street media jumped on the story quickly but shut it down at the same speed.  Almost overnight the story broke and then disappeared just as fast.  The congresswoman was killed in a car accident just eight days after the story broke caused by a drunk driver one early Sunday morning as she was driving to her local church for services.  The word Morocco became the leading search word on Google during those days but very little information about this Morocco comment from the now dead congresswoman.  The bloggers went wild with their theories but some hard facts started to surface from the United Teacher Action Union “UTAU” as their president stated that over eight thousand teachers had been laid-off during the last twelve weeks due to drastic federal budget cuts.  The conspiracy authors had the idea that federal taxpayer dollars were being allocated to the federal agencies, funneled off for some special projects “Morocco” and the money never to be seen by local school districts. The thought was that Congress approved the money, the checks were cut to the federal agencies and then the federal agencies took a percentage of that money which disappeared from public few.  The United Teacher Action Union just wanted the schools to receive the federal dollars and keep their union due paying teachers working.  In the next few weeks it became clear that something was wrong but the White House claimed that the Congress didn’t approve enough money to the schools because they wanted to spend it all on the U.S. Military.  In those several weeks the President of the United States was never asked about Morocco even as he attended the funeral of the congresswoman of Mississippi.