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Prepper Finance Economics Cash Money
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Preppers They know, the New World Order thinkers, that the old-timers will die off and their plans to brainwash the youth of America and destroy the clergy and arrest their opponents can be accomplished. As the slave-type child labor in China quivers with fear the major global players and brand names go back to China more and more to buy the delicate fabrics, the rose whines and pleasure in the massive profits of foodstuffs, canned goods, office machines and their most popular inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge fortunes.

Chinese Dynamite, this is what you’re playing with as you wander the big box retailer store shelves packed full of products carried all the way from Communist China.  The Communist Chinese Factory offers a wide variety of products for the American consumer and others around the world.  It’s no longer Communist China in the fine jade, furniture or jewelry and textile business they’re controlling world markets in manufacturing some of the most popular products in the world.  Communist slave-type labor and harsh conditions offer up Chinese Industrial Dynamite for the world of consumers to buy and enjoy.  As the slave-type child labor in China quivers with fear the major global players and brand names go back to China more and more to buy the delicate fabrics, the rose whines and pleasure in the massive profits of foodstuffs, canned goods, office machines and their most popular inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge fortunes.

The brands that accept your money and create their fortunes like Wal-Mart, Sears, Staples Inc, Hp Hewlett Packard and thousands of others don’t play in the shark fin, dried squid, canned dragon-eye nut market but they buy the goods that are found in every home, every business right here inside America.

Your medicine chest is full of Communist Chinese minerals that make up your needed prescriptions and your family is wearing clothing from a Communist factory.  Every electronic device has a pinch of Communist O.E.M. parts and they all have a massive doze of slave-type cheap foreign labor, including the cruel child labor that we know about but avoid the conversation.  Global international borderless corporate giants like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Apple, Kyocera, Minolta, Okidata, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Rocoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Xerox, Konica, Lanier, Mita, I.B.M., Olivetti, N.C.R., Fujitsu and others exploit the slave-type labor but praise their money as lubricants to help the Chinese slaves break away from their hardships and industrial torture.

To combat the Communist internal disorders the Communist Party of China promotes American investments and gives freely their citizens to slave away in factory complexes that would never be allowed in America.  The creaky joints of Communism are being lubricated by the American dollar but not to free the people but to enslave them for several more generations. To dispel these claims American based companies send inspectors to look over their slave-type labor and write long white papers concerning how much good and how much better conditions have become.


Finally confessed the fortune 500 group and more do not belong to the Cub Scotts and you have to wonder if any of them care about the United States.  The executives and executive managers are not underprivileged but tens of thousands and some say millions of their foreign slave-type labor workers are slaves. As the fortune 500 managers drive Cadillac’s and their youngsters attend the best private schools their U.S. hourly associates earn minimum wages and have to benefits.  These ambitious boys talk about market trends and stock market prices and sit beside their swimming pools as their other U.S. based employees struggle to buy food, energy and stay sheltered in homes and apartments.  Newspapers don’t tell the true stories because these same executives buy tens of millions of dollars in advertising paper from your local newspapers.  The national media of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX and others are driven away from the truth about the fortune 500 group because of their needed advertising revenues.  You local radio show never speaks about the Yellow World Menace because their ownership feels the stress of sponsors, local, state and federal government officials and even local store owners that only sell Communist Chinese products.

The greatest talent pool in the world is now sitting idle because the main-street national media doesn’t tell the entire story.  Your local newspaper cannot print the truth and store owners have stock rooms full of Communist Chinese products of all kinds.

Every peaceful community in America is now hampered with high unemployment, bad home mortgages and illegal aliens, the other form of slave-type labor invading the United States.  Our home grown talent sits in the park and recent college graduates wonder about finding a good paying job.  Strangers from China cordially buy up many energy segment private enterprises that the federal government granted free money for their research, development and start up expenses.  Residents struggle to buy their weekly groceries but there is still the discouraging silence from the American people.  Every woman, man and child in America must go somewhere to make a living.  It’s a difficult time in America but the fortune 500 gangsters are doing very well.  Every doctor is wondering about the future and so are their patients.  Socialism is not a dirty word anymore because the disease of socialism has spread out and sooner or later we’ll all be on food stamps and eating the government cheese.

Quick rich schemes are popping up everywhere because the street crooks know that people are becoming desperate. The epidemic in America today is poverty and it knows no color.  Gunshot surgery is up and annual raises are down.

The problem is not the rich against the poor.  The dilemma is not the black against the white but know that we are literally being bisected by the federal government and state governments because of our amazing cultural contrasts. We’re being taught that one side of the railroad tracks are bad and the other is good.  The people that live in well-built homes must be evil because so many people live on the south side.  Citizens have become puzzled because of unemployment and illegal aliens and illegal drugs and crooked Politian’s. The government has split us between the peasants on one side and the business owners on the other.  Well, let me tell you.  It’s the biggest lie ever told and the phenomenon of big lies is now found around the world.  Your milkman will lie about spilling the milk and your U.S. senator will lie about big unions, big business and government handouts to stay in power. Physically we all look different but believe me we’re all the same.  Powerful companies, governments and really smart people live in beautiful residential garden spots because within the vast and growing global business economy there are more slaves than there are customers.

There is an island of privileged that wasn’t earned it was taken.  Whatever you do remember there are millions of honest business men in America and they believe in better schools, less unions, better wages, free trade, honest voting and most importantly the power of choice which you know as liberty and freedom.  We don’t need to fight to realize that illegal aliens from Mexico bring illegal drugs, terrorists, diseases and a host of other evils.  We already know that our local school systems pay teachers too much and offer up rich-man pension plans and health care.  We know about big unions and their Communist history and their true motives that harm America.  We know that government officials lie, cheat and steal to get your vote.  We know that colleges around the United States have been teaching the wrong things for too long.  We know that Liberalism is just another word for Communism, Socialism and Marxism. We agree that crude oil only costs a few dollars to pump out of the ground and that Islamic Muslim nut cases want to enslave women and kill the true authority of God.

But let me say, now is the time.  Your community and mine can now fight back the progressive big business, progressive big unions and the big money federal government that now borrows over forty cents of every federal budget dollar from the Communist Chinese, the Soviet Union now called Russia. The totalitarian administrative state has taken control of major portions of the U.S. economy and they’re just getting started.  It’s not impossible to escape the wolves and regain control of the free press and the free markets.  It’s never too late to stop the gorging on borrowed money or to protect our embassies around the world.  Each day we learn about other big lies and you can only imagine how little we truly know.  Write your U.S. Senator and prowl through the canned email response of lies printed that was sent at the speed of light.  Remember the post office is going to raise the prices for something that should have been downsized a dozen years ago.  Remember the millions of federal government unionized employees that are trying to deceive you as the taxpayer through big union advertising on your local T.V. stations. Don’t forget the distractions that surround you so we cannot combine as a free people and review the truth.  Remember that the President of the United States is most likely a Muslim and he shall forbid Christ and symbols of Christ throughout the nation.

With ruthless suppression the world financial markets draw up each day and become government controlled and world controlled.  You can gaze idly at CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and realize that the airwaves are controlled by the state and that free speech and free press liberties will be removed and replaced by secret societies.  Your dollar will be replaced by an international fiat currency that will be controlled by the United Nations and your private property will be taken and the wealth re-distributed around the world.

They know, the New World Order thinkers, that the old-timers will die off and their plans to brainwash the youth of America and destroy the clergy and arrest their opponents can be accomplished.

Prosperous Americans nostalgically hope for the good old days but remember the youth of America doesn’t have a reference of the Soviet Union invading Afghanistan and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.  The young adults don’t remember a strong and wonderful Sears Roebuck Company owning the tallest building in the world.  The adolescent doesn’t understand that they will demand submission or they won’t be able to attend a good school.  The immature don’t realize that socialized health care will kill off their grandparents and that the gentiles will be killed around the world.  The undeveloped mind didn’t learn about Hitler, Stalin or Mao and doesn’t realize the importance of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble and petition the government or even the right to bear arms. 

The more sophisticated free enterprise citizen truly understands that the window to wealth and freedom is closing and the path to liberty is now very narrowed. 


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